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What is Real-Time Bidding?

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is an auction process for buying and selling individual ad impressions, within 100 milliseconds. Adflute places advertiser's bids for these impressions based on targeting parameters,

providing a programmatic buying system to optimize ad spend.

Via RTB, advertisers eliminate wasted ad spend, and only bid for and buy impressions that match your targeting criteria - with absolute full transparency.


1. Enhanced consumer targeting capabilities
2. More cost effective reach and frequency
3. Cherry-pick impressions, in real-time.
4. Dynamic pricing of each impression, optimizing your ad spend.
5. Cross-exchange buying, for scalable world-wide reach.
6. Frequency capping across millions of savvy mobile users. 7. Bid data transparency. Always know exactly what you bought and how much you paid.

What are the benefits for publishers?

Delivers higher revenues on inventory through opening that inventory to a buying market designed to maximize the value of each individual impression.

Welcome To Adflute

Adflute is the 100% self-serve, mobile demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic mobile. we enables advertisers to reach to right audience with advanced targeting and Auto performance optimisation techniques. We offer best in class support for advertisers starting from setting up offers/campaigns, optimizing to delivery with technical support 24/7. We believe in transparency. so it will help advertisers to know the percentage of the total CPM cost that actually goes to the inventory bid and how much this can impact return on investment

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Platform Features

The Key Features of our Platform

Real Time Analytics

Performance data of your adcampaigns, adsets, adcreative and apps in analytic way to optimize/monotize them efficiently.

Cherry-Pick Apps/Exchanges/Publishers

You can Whitelist / Blacklist exchanges / apps that are performing / boosting your campaign.

Global Reach

Instant access to global mobile impressions. Global integrations with Ad Exchange(s) and SSPs with servers in US, Asia, and Europe.

IP Targeting

Upload IP Address and target them. soon we will have hyper local targeting for you.

Audience Profiles

Segmenting your users based on their behaviour. Target them in next campaign based on users.

API Access

Programmatically you can pull performance data for your adcampaigns, adsets, adcreatives and apps. All via the RESTful API. JSON for the win.

Self Serve Interface

You control every actions of your adcampaigns. With changes taking effect in seconds, you can control your adcampaign performance outcome and target what you want. Simple and Elegant UI.

Native Ads

Native Ads included in the platform for media buying across the exchanges.

Targets Supported

Targeting that are supported in Adflute

  • Device

    Mobile devices.

  • Device OS

    Mobile device OS(Android, IOS, etc)

  • Category


    IAB Categories are supported.

  • Category

    Time Of Day

    Target particular hour(s) scheduling,

  • Category

    Cherry-Pick Apps

    Choose where your ad should spend

  • Exchanges

    We're integrated with Major Exchanges.

  • Category

    IP Targeting

    Target based IP targeting and IP ranges

  • Category

    ISP Targeting

    Choose ISP's based on ad performance

  • Category Category


    Network you can choose WiFi / GPRS


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